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Amin Ziagham My name is Amin Ziagham, I graduated with a master’s degree in computer science and am currently working in the GE Healthcare in Norway. I’m a detail-oriented and self-driven .NET developer with over 10 years of professional experience in software development. Experience in various software patterns, architectures, and methodologies such as: Unit of work and repository pattern, N-tier architecture, Onion architecture, Event-driven architecture, CQS and CQRS architectural pattern, Microkernel (Plugin-based) architecture, Restful-based architecture, Microservice architecture, etc. I am eager to learn new things and adapt myself to new technologies, concepts, and theories of computer and software engineering.
In the meantime, I always tried to help others in the way of learning programming and software development. My motto has always been “Expressing advanced topics and concepts in coding and software engineering with eloquent and simple words”. In fact, during the first several years of learning and working in the computer industry, I didn’t have enough time to write down and document what I was learning. But now is the right time, and from now on I will try to share the new things that I learn in addition to the old ones.

My Microsoft Certifications