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Different Types of Software Architectures

There were only a few architectural patterns in software engineering a few decades ago. However, the field has evolved more than ever before, serving as critical blueprints for designing and managing software applications. In essence, the primary objective of software architecture patterns is to group various components into a software system based on a familiar interface or architecture. To accomplish this, a software architect must ensure appropriate relationships among the system’s various components while designing the system. In the following, we reviewe the Software Architecture Patterns and what is it, and then we will introduce different architectures and examine the characteristics of each.

What is Software Architecture?

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The software architecture of a system represents the design decisions related to overall system structure and behavior. Architecture helps stakeholders understand and analyze how the system will achieve essential qualities such as modifiability, availability, and security.

In a sample words, a software architectural is a high-level, general, and reusable solution to a common problem in software engineering. Software architectures are similar to templates that can be used to construct specialized architectural designs. They are frequently used to document architectural decisions and to facilitate communication between various stakeholders. From the perspective of an engineer, software architecture design patterns are critical for increased efficiency, faster debugging, smooth project collaboration, and introducing new features. From the client’s perspective, architectural patterns aid in the production of high-quality goods, the optimization of project costs, the acceleration of the development process, and so on.

Architectural patterns provide a common language for developers to describe and communicate architectural designs. Using architectural elements, developers can more easily share their knowledge and expertise, as well as collaborate with others to create better communication channels. In the following, we will introduce several important and widely used architectures in software engineering.

Different software architectures

As you can see below, an attempt has been made to display the list of the most popular software architectures in the form of headlines. We will try to describe each of these architectures in detail, along with the implementation, in separate posts.

Layered Architecture (n-tier)

Event-driven Architecture (EDA)

MicroKernel (Plugin-based) Architecture

Microservices Architecture

Space-based Architecture

Master-slave Architecture pattern

Client-server Architecture Pattern

Pipe-filter Architecture Pattern

Peer-to-peer Architecture Pattern

Broker Architecture Pattern

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